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21 Apr. 2003


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Jane wrote:
The Whitman - Songer - Varney - Raef
Those within the square brackets ( [ ] ) are my fill-ins
Source: * IL Statewide Marriages 1763-1900
William R. WHITMAN Mary A. SONGER January 16th A.D. 1870.  [Clay Co. IL*]
Vivian A. VARNEY Lillian M. WHITMAN March 11th A.D. 1891 [Clay Co. IL*]
Carl C. WHITMAN Sabra May CRUM March 17th A.D. 1898. [Champaign Co., IL*]
Carl C. WHITMAN Bertha MANNING  [no marriage date listed]
William L. RAEF  Lillian Maud VARNEY May 20th A.D. 1903.  [St. Thomas Catholic,
Newton, Jasper Co., IL]
Samuel R. DEAN Jessie L. WHITMAN November 
(Thanksgiving day 1908).
Thaddeus Whitman VARNEY May HARPER June 15, 1912
William R. WHITMAN February 18th 1844
Mary A. SONGER December 6th 1851
Lillian Maud WHITMAN December 1st 1870
Leslie Claud WHITMAN September 21st 1872
Carl Clyde WHITMAN June 5th 1875
Rossie SONGER WHITMAN November 23rd 1878
Jessie Lois WHITMAN November 4th 1880
Thaddeus Whitman VARNEY February 5th 1892
Leah Reneau VARNEY February 1st 1893
Noami Mae WHITMAN Apr 2nd 1899
Margaret Mary RAEF September 1st 1906
Dorothy Bernardine RAEF December 10/1909
Marian Eleanor DEAN May 19th 1910
Lois Marcella RAEF td>September 2d 1915
Rebekah May VARNEY May 22d 1913
Leslie Claud WHITMAN September 5th 1873
Rossie Songer WHITMAN December 14th 1879
Sabra May Crum WHITMAN April 9 1899
Dorothy Bernardine RAEF August 20/1910

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