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Source:  Revolutionary Men Buried in IL

When Sue A. found this the end of April, 2008, we decided to do the Rev. War pensions.  To make it easier for us, we used the names and enlistment data from the file she found.

As the list of the men is displayed here, we are searching for the pension records now.  As soon as we can find and transcribe each, the list of men are displayed here.

The information here is as written.



*Moses Johnson
served in the Virginia troops, enlisting in 1777 under Capt. Alexander Morgan in Co. 2, Second Regiment, with Col. Alexander Spottiswood. He came to Clay county, Illinois, and died there, aged over 100 years. He was pensioned.

*John Lewis
served in the war from Virginia; he continued in the service after the close of the war. Coming to Illinois, he located in Clay county, and died there. The place of his burial is not known. "Pension Reports."

*Samuel Parks
was from Virginia, where he served in the war. Coming to Illinois, he located in Clay county, where he died very aged, as he was 93 years of age in 1840. He was pensioned.

*Nathaniel West
was born in Baltimore county, Maryland, May 6, 1750. He entered the service while living on Cross Creek, Virginia, in 1778, under Col. William Crawford, serving three months, during which time he assisted in building Ft. McIntosh. He also served in 1779 and 1780 with Capt. Matthew Richie and Col. Crawford. He came to Lawrence county, Illinois, but removed to Clay county, where he died, aged over 90 years. He was pensioned.

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