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We are confronted with a duality in dealing with the subject of this sketch — first is that of "Jiggs" a dual of Frank M. Brissenden and is not to be considered in the sketch except in furnishing the near physical likeness on paper. No camera, so far, has been able to withstand the exposure of the principal subject, consequently his dual was employed to display the physical features of our subject, Mr. Brissenden.

Frank M. Brissenden, born January 21, 1874, on a farm two miles southeast of Clay City where Lem Glasco now resides. When one year of age his parents moved to their new home in Old Maysville, a brick house now occupied by Mr. Wattles. After reaching manhood he entered the lumber business with his father, Morris Brissenden, between the years of 1890-1894. The lumber business was sold out in 1902 and Frank traveled for a year or two for the International Harvester Co., then he moved to St. Louis where he was employed with an express company for three years.

Returning to Clay City in 1906 and in June, 1907, he and Wm. T. Carder purchased the Mills Cafe. After ten years of the most congenial and satisfactory partnership Mr. Brissenden purchased the interest of his partner in August, 1917, and today he is able to slice the ham, though 22 years have been added to his age, as he could fifteen years ago.

Every soul, even a child who is large enough to walk alone and has ever met Mr. Brissenden, know him, not as Mr. Brissenden, but "Jiggs," and many people in neighboring towns know him as "Jiggs," who really are not able to tell you his real name. We are going to tell you in another item elsewhere how he inherited the name "Jiggs."

Extracted 12 Jun 2017 by Norma Hass from 1930 Pictures and Biographical Sketches of the Business Men of Clay City, Illinois.

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