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Kenneth Conour, who is the subject of this sketch and pictured above has been one of Clay City's industrious business men for the past 16 years, coming here from Sumner, Illinois, in the year of 1914.

He was born May 12, 1894, at Sumner, Illinois, and after reaching an age of usefulness he found employment in the poultry business with J. M. Prather, and it was there in Sumner he learned the poultry business, which, at that time including the dressing of poultry and the packing of dressed poultry.

In 1914 Mr. Conour and Gene Dale, forming a partnership, came to Clay City and bought out the J. M. Prather branch poultry business here and after about six months Mr. Conour bought his partner's interests and has continued the business ever since in the name of K. Conour Produce Company.

Mr. Conour, no doubt, is alone responsible for putting Clay City on the map as one of the best poultry and egg markets in this section of the country. Back at the time he came here, merchants who bought poultry and eggs, shipped independently. Later it was found that independent shipping was added expense in handling country produce and the producer had to pay in the end. Mr. Conour made it possible to reduce the shipping expense by wholesale buying and selling, taking the produce from the buyers not only in Clay City but from the entire community and inland towns.

Too, "Red," as he is commonly known, has maintained a market for a varied line of produce, including junk of all kinds — old iron, rags, metals, and green hides. Many times having car lords of old iron piled up around on his premises before loading out.

He has prospered, he has paid good prices and after sixteen years of buying the various lines of produce coming in from all sources he holds and has maintained a reputation of square dealing with his pat rons — honest weights, good prices — good checks has done this.

Extracted 12 Jun 2017 by Norma Hass from 1930 Pictures and Biographical Sketches of the Business Men of Clay City, Illinois.

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