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Biography - C D DUFF

We are really joyful of the opportunity and for the privilege at this time of being able to feature on this page this man, Mr. C. D. Duff, the oldest in business of any business man now in Clay City, because we know that he has many absent friends who get this paper who will especially appreciate seeing his picture as he is today.

C. D. Duff was born in Old Maysville, Illinois, October 16, 1855. After the death of his father, he, then six months old, returned with his mother to Tennessee, in a covered wagon, where he lived until 21 years of age.

He then returned to Clay City and was employed as a store clerk by two uncles, R. E. and J. N. Duff. After the death of R. E. Duff in 1877, J. N. Duff and C. D. Duff continued the business under the firm name of J. N. Duff & Company until 1888 when C. D. Duff sold his interest in the store and soon thereafter entered into business with J. T. Evans & Company. In 1907 Dr. J. T. Evans sold his interest in the business to his son, C. D. Evans, and the firm's name was changed to Duff & Evans, which continued business until 1911 when C. D. Evans sold his interest to John W. Duff, since which time the business has been conducted under the firm name of C. D. & J. W. Duff, father and son, and includes a second son, Carroll Duff.

When Mr. Duff first became a member of the firm of J. T. Evans & Company, they were conducting a general mercantile store. A while before Mr. Evans sold out they had changed to buying grain, seeds, etc., and selling farm machinery, harness and other items along that line.

Today, Mr. Duff, his sons, Wallace and Carroll, through their courtesy, honorable and upright dealing with the public have an established business sufficient to reward them for their efforts, and at the same time they are rendering a most valuable service to the community, continuing the handling of grain, seeds, hay, feeds of all kinds, especially for poultry, and carrying a good line of harness, wire fencing, nails, etc. — really a farm supply store and located at the same spot occupied by J. T. Evans & Company years ago.

Mr. Duff has served several terms as a member of the village council, several years and until about three years ago as secretary of the Building of Loan Association. He is interested extensively in farming and stock raising and heartily enjoys meeting the farmers in the store where a comfortable chair is always offered the patrons and friends and also a hearty welcome extended to all

Extracted 12 Jun 2017 by Norma Hass from 1930 Pictures and Biographical Sketches of the Business Men of Clay City, Illinois.

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