Clay County

Kinnamon Cemetery

BIBLE, Joseph ~ born --- 24 1839, died Aug 9 1878, age 39y 5m 14d
BIBLE, John C ~ died Aug 5 1866, son of J and NA, age 3y 3m 15d
BIBLE, James ~ born Oct 10 1816, died Oct 24 1850, age 34y 14d
BIBLE, William A ~ died Apr 4 1854, son of PH and I, age 20d
BIBLE, Kimmie ~ died Mar 28 1901, son of Jeff and Sallie, age 3y 2m 19d
BIBLE, Havill ~ one date not clear birth or death, same stone as Mollie E
BIBLE, Mollie E ~ born 1874, died 1908, same stone as Havill

Contributed by Martha Cieglo

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