Clay County

Martha A. Cieglo's Death Records Collection

age 1y 5m d. 2-20-18992 in Hossier Twp of Pneuomia no place of burial given.

BIBLE, Joseph
age 36 4m 10d d. 8-7-1878 resided in Clay Co all his life, d. Hossier Twp of catarrhal pneumonia, buried Hoosier Cem.

BIBLE, James
age 3y 2m 19d d. 3-28-1901, resided Red Brush, Clay Co d. of pneumonia, buried Kinnamon Cem.

BLAIR, female
age 1 day d. 3-28-1878 b. Clay Co d. Blair Twp, cause not known buried Union Cem.

BLAIR, no name
age 1d d. 10-19-1885 d. Blair Twp, cause unknown buried Union Chapel

BLAIR, no name male
age 7d d. 2-14-1899 b. Il d. Blair Twp of convulsions buried Union Cem.

BLAIR, Earl D.
age 5y 5m 18d d. 12-11-1894 b. Il d. Blair of diptheria buried Union Chapel

BLAIR, Emma Adaline
age 4m 20d d. 6-3-1886 b. Louisville Il d. Lousville of chronic sore throat buried Hord.

BLAIR, George
age 57y d. 4-4-1892 b. Ind resided Il 40 yrs d. Louisville of cyastitus buried Jordan.

BLAIR, Irene
age 18y 9m 4d d. 5-26-1886 b. Clay Co d. Balir Twp of pulmonary consumption buried Union Chapel

BLAIR, Jonathan
age 37y 9m 11d d. 12-25-1884 b. Martin Co. Ind, resided Il 12 yrs d. Louisville Twp of pneumonia buried Toliver Cem.

BLAIR, Mary Susan
no age given d. 2-19-1892 b. Il resided Il 20 yrs d. Blair Twp of pneumiral convulson buried Union Chapel

BLAIR, Minnie
age 4y d. 4-23-1895 b. Il d. Blair Twp of typhoid fever with gangrene of throat buried Blair Twp.

BLAIR, Sarah E
age 30y 1m d. 11-30-1894 b. Il d. Blair Twp of tubucular phthisis buried Hord Cem.

BLAIR, William N Sr
age 52y 3m d. 12-28-1878 b. Ind, resided Il 30 yrs d. Blair Twp of pneumonitis buried Union Cem.

BLAIR, William Nathan
age 12d d. 7-25-1880 d. Blair Twp of fever with spasms buried Union Chapel

BLAIR, Zella
age 70y 27d d. 6-13-1888 b. Ind resided Il 40 yrs d. Louisville of paralysis buried Hoosier Prairie

BREWER, Benjamin B
age 47, married, farmer d. 12-19-1878 b. Ind, resided Clay Co 23 yrs d. Louisville Twp of typhoid pneumonia buried Louisville Cem.

BREWER, Mary Ann
age 66 married d. 10-21-1898 b. Hardin Co (no state given), resided Clay Co 43 yrs, d. Hoosier Twp of paralyis, buried Hoosier.

farmer, age 20y, married d. 3-19-1880 b. Ind d. Blair Twp of typhoid fever buried Union Church Grave Yard.

DYER, Alvey David
age 2y 2m 1d d. 7-19-1889 b. Xenia Il, d. Xenia Il of cerebite buried Onstott Cem.

age 18y 6m 3d d. 10-24-1892, occupation is working girl, single b. Il lived in Il all her life d. in Flora of typhoid fever buried Bible Grove

age 49y 6m 16d d. 8-9-1901, farmer b. Jackson Co Ind, lived Clay Co 31 yrs d. in Hoosier of brights disease, buried Hoosier.

MEEKS, William
age 35y d. 11-28-1880 lived Il all his life d. Clay City Twp of gastro duodenal catarrh buried Clay City Cem.

1y 11m 28d d. 3-6-1885 in Harter Twp of Tubercular miningitis buried Camp Ground.
Monacle is how it's spelled in the record.

age 39y 11m 24d d. 11-25-1882 b. N.C, Cherokee Co, resided Ill 8 yrs, d. in Louisville of capillary bronchitis buried Louisville

MONICAL, Suan Emily
20y 1m 20d d. 6-18-1884 a teacher b. Ill d. Flora Ill of congestion of kidneys buried Louisville Cem.

MONICAL, William,
age 26 buried 12-18-1878, death date not given resides Flora Ill d. at Kemens Switch Clay Co of inflamation of brain, no burial site given.

PUGH, Daniel S. E.
age 32y 1m 16d d. 11-2-1888 b. IND, resided Clay Co 32 yrs d. in Bible Grove of typhoid fever buried Ingraham.

PUGH, Hannah
age 59y d. 93-1889 b. IND, d. Louisville of chronic pulmonary consumption buried Cooper Cem.

Contributed 1998 by Martha A Cieglo

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