Clay County

Louis Valbert Family

 Father: Louis VALBERT

Birth: 21 September 1829 in Belfort, Alsace, France
Death: 28 Feb 1929 in Flora, Illinois
Burial: in St. Stephens Cemetery, Flora, Illinois
Parents - Father: Peter A. VALBERT; Mother: Niece FROMM/FRANK

Marriage: 29 March 1854 in Clay County, Illinois

Mother: Magdelena DECKER
Birth: 1 May 1836 in Star/k County, Ohio
Death: 6 Aug 1914 in Flora, Illinois
Burial: in St. Stephen's Cemetery, Flora,Illinois
Parents - Father: Unknown; Mother: Unknown


Child No. 1: Joseph VALBERT
Birth: 21 Jul 1855 in Flora, Illinois

Child No. 2: James W. VALBERT
Birth: 6 May 1857 in Flora, Illinois
Death: 17 Jun 1902 in Wayne County, Illinois
Burial: in St. Stephen's Cemetery, Flora, Illinois
Marriage: 3 Sep 1880 in Mahaska County, Iowa
Spouse: Martha/Mattie A. NAVE

Child No. 3: Mary Y. Frances VALBERT
Birth: 17 Apr 1860 in Flora, Illinois
Death: 22 Mar 1937
Marriage: 30 Sep 1879
Spouse: William Clinton HARGRAVE

Child No. 4: Florence Anna VALBERT
Birth: 20 Aug 1864 in Flora, Illinois
Death: 16 Jul 1938
Marriage: 17 Oct 1883 in Louisville, Illinois
Spouse: Andrew KLEIN

Child No. 5: Clara A. VALBERT
Birth: 8 Dec 1862 in Flora, Illinois
Death: 4 Nov 1949
Marriage: 27 Sep 1887 in Flora, Illinois
Spouse: Martin WARNER

Child No. 6: Martha M. VALBERT
Birth: 15 Feb 1871 in Flora, Illinois
Death: 10 Jul 1956 in Flora, Illinois
Burial: 13 Jul 1956 in St. Stephen's Cemetery, Flora,Illinois
Marriage: 18 Dec 1888 in Flora, Illinois
Spouse: Ira C. RITTER

Child No. 7: John Lowery VALBERT
Birth: 7 Dec 1875 in Flora, Illinois
Death: 8 Feb 1941 in Washington
Burial: in Washington
Marriage: 5 Dec 1903
Spouse: Jennie May Williams

Notes / Documentation:

Marriage Records - Clay County, Il Marriage Record - Mahaska County, Iowa Obituary - for Magdelena Valbert & Mattie M. Valbert/Ritter Cemetery Records - St. Stephen's Cemetery, Flora,Il Family tradition - Joseph Valbert's death - no date known, died as a toddler - my grandmother told me. Joseph (had he lived) would have been 2 years older than her dad - James W. Valbert). Death Records - Clay County Family Descendants provided birth/death dates where I have not documented - someone else may have documented these dates, but I have not yet done so.

Submitted by Linda Dore

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