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If you are looking for help with a Clay County ancestor line, please submit family group sheet information along with your challenge.

2019 Apr 26

I am looking for records of Hiram Henson, my great, great,great...grandfather. He died in Clay County, IL and is buried there also. He was born in 1827 and married to Susan Brown born 1829. Hiram Henson was also part of the 1870 Census in Wayne, IL. Ultimately I'm looking for who is parents were. Any information you can provide would be great. Thank you, Dutch Harbert [email protected]

2018 Dec 21

I have written a biography of John Riley Tanner of Clay County (Illinois Governor 1897-1901. Dios Carlos Hagel 1839-1898 was a former States Attorney for Clay County. He was married to one of Tanner sisters? I assume a sister since he was Tanner's brother in law. Could identify the wife's name and possible relationship to Tanner?
James Atwood [email protected]

2018 Sep 12

My GG Uncle William E. Fraim (died 1959) is buried in the Kneff Cemetery in Stanford Township. His obituary states he is buried there. However, I cannot find this information online via Find A Grave and other similar websites.

His father, my GG grandfather Elvis Fraim (died November 1911 in Clay County) may also be buried in the Kneff Cemetery in Stanford Township.

Would there be anyone whom I could contact or who might be able to take a look to see if the aforementioned relatives (Elvis Fraim, d. 1911 and William E. Friam, d. 1959) are buried in Kneff Cemetery and to see if there is a headstone for them?

Thank you very much for your time and help. It is much appreciated. Steve Neubert [email protected]

2018 Feb 11

My great grandma Vida Johnson Sloan was from Clay county. Some of the names include Johnson, Miller, Lackey, Jennings and much more! I have tons of photos, postcards, and letters. I’d like to contribute them for you to post. [see Hedrick Collection] My gg grandma Avrilla Lackey Johnson Jennings was married to Joseph Jennings, I believe. He had children before their marriage. I have tons of pictures that I cannot identify. Maybe someone visiting this site will recognize them.

Cynthia Hedrick  [email protected]

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