Clay County


Barnes in Clay City
Bethel in Blair
Bloom in Stanford
Brooks in Bible Grove
Bunny Travis in Clay City
Burge in Larkinsburg
Burke in Bible Grove

Camp Ground in Xenia
Christian Home in Louisville
Connelly Family in Blair
Craig in Oskaloosa

Dillman in Hoosier
Ditter in Pixley

Edwards Family in Songer
Elmwood in Harter

Fender in Larkinsburg
Flora Garden of Memories

German in Bible Grove
Golden in Harter
Greenwood in Louisville

Hoosier Prairie in Hoosier
Hord in Hord

I.O.O.F. in Xenia
Ingraham in Pixley
Iola in Larkinsburg

Jenkins in Harter

Keens Chapel in Larkinsburg
Kincaid in Blair
Kinnamon in Hoosier
Kneff in Standford
Krantz in Unknown

Landreth in Larkinsburg
Leonard in Clay City
Levitt in Pixley
Lewis in Bible Grove
Little Prairie in Unknown
Littleton in Larkinsburg
Logan Family in Harter

Maysville in Clay City
McCawley in Clay City
McCawley in Stanford
McKinney in Pixley
McKnight in Hoosier
Memories in Harter
Morgan in Unknown
Mt Zion U. B. in Stanford

Negro in Oskaloosa
Newton Chapel in Blair
Nixon in Oskaloosa
Number Four in Hoosier

Oak Mound in Songer
Old Baptist in Oskaloosa
Old Kneff in Stanford
Old Louisville in Louisville
Old Union Christian in Blair
Ooton in Blair
Orchard Hill in Louisville
Oskaloosa in Oskaloosa

Parker in Songer
Price in 0883852W

Red Brush in Louisville
Reed in Pixley
Riffle in Louisville
Rodgers in Larkinsburg
Rusk in Stanford

Salem-Onstott in Xenia
Smith in Pixley
Songer in Songer
Speaks in Louisville
St Joseph in Harter
St Stephens in Harter
St. Johns in Pixley
St. Paul in Bible Grove
Stipp in Oskaloosa

Tolliver in Louisville
Tolliver in Xenia

Weidner in Pixley
Wendelin in Pixley
Wesley in Pixley
White in Hoosier
Wood in Larkinsburg
Wood in Pixley


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